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DevOps and ITSM Solutions


GBM provides a portfolio of ITSM & DevOps services to help you strategize, design, test and implement an actionable IT service strategy. Whether you are using legacy systems, cloud or a combination of the two—GBM consultants can help you implement a robust ITSM & DevOps framework. You can reduce costs, improve productivity and automate key tasks.

We can categorize the set of capabilities needed to meet these business challenges into four main categories:

  • Operation - Helps IT operations teams consolidate, reduce and prioritize their business service impacting events and alarms (more efficient and agile)
    • Netcool Operations Insight (NOI)
    • Business Service Manager (BSM)
    • Network Manager (NM)
    • Tivoli Application Dependency & Discovery Manager (TADDM)
  • APPLICATION (and Infrastructure Performance) MANAGEMENT - Helps IT operations and application support teams increase the delivery velocity of new business applications/services, and optimize the performance of these applications/services and their underlying infrastructure.
    • Application Performance Management (APM)
    • Systems Monitoring; on premise (ITM)
  • AUTOMATION - Helps client cut costs, accelerate service delivery and automate business processes – across physical assets, IT and Cloud.
    • Workload Scheduling (also known as Workload Automation or TWS)
    • System Automation (SA)
    • IBM Control Desk (ICD)
    • IBM Cloud Orchestrater (ICO)
  • DevOps - Helps you to achieve Continuous Delivery by
    • Removing the barriers between your Development, Operations and QA teams.
    • Shortening lead times for new releases of your applications.
    • Improving quality feedback loops so releases meet quality expectations.
    • DevOps aims to get capabilities from conception to delivery as quickly as possible, with the net result being that revenue generation due to these capabilities is brought forward – with increased predictability.


    DevOps related Service Areas:

    • DevOps Advisory – Our experts can analyze your current processes and tools to create a prioritized roadmap for optimizing your release pipelines.
    • Continuous Integration & Deployment – We can setup automated continuous integration and deployment processes for your apps.
    • Early & Continuous Quality – Let us help make the most of your automated tests by including them in your automated release cycles.
    • Automated Environment Provisioning – Are your efforts to reduce release cycle times hampered by long lead times for new environments or an inability to share environments between projects?  We can help automate the provisioning of new environments. This may save you setup and maintenance, costs make better use of your infrastructure and slash new environment lead-times.
    • DevOps Continuous Improvement – Our customers have the greatest success when they think about DevOps as a continuous program of improvement rather than adopting one or two isolated best practices. Allow our teams to engage with you for the strategic term, and continuously and incrementally pinpoint and remove bottlenecks in your delivery cycle.




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