Cyber Security Solutions

GBM understands the various challenges faced by CISO’s and has built a framework of defense, comprised of solutions and services, to help organizations achieve IT Security Industry best practice and enhance their risk mitigation frameworks. The Framework is developed to address the traditional and new challenges faced by organizations in partnership with best-of breed solutions from partners who have a strong commitment and road map towards Security. GBM offers solutions and services in the following areas to mitigate the increasing risk facing all companies today.

We focus on People, Processes and Technology to ensure a holistic approach towards mitigating risk The GBM framework effectively safeguards brand name, reputation and assets. Ranging from End-Point Security to Applications, from Database to People & Compliance, GBM offers solutions in all areas to protect your organization from external and internal threats and helps you in formulating and implementing your IT Security Strategy.

Intelligence and Analytics

Organizations face different challenges in today's era of sophisticated and complex attacks. It is of some concern that 55 percent of customers believe they have had no security incidents in the last year. This is the equivalent of a burglar living in your home, undetected. Predictive security analytics is an emerging field whereby real time threats can be assessed and acted upon before they happen.

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People Security

People are a major source of leaked information, whether through social networking, inappropriate access to data, or simply losing control of critical information. Customers in the GCC believe a third of major IT-related incidents are from their own staff. GBM helps clients to mitigate risk around provisioning users for application access and network access. 

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Application Security

Application security is perhaps one of the newer challenges in the GCC, due to the reliance on external developers. The region has the highest concentration of mobile devices per person in the world, yet there is little consideration for the opportunity to exploit these new applications. It is almost certain that a brand new mobile application has as many vulnerabilities as a traditional browserbased application. 

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Data Security

Data at all stages of its lifecycle can be exploited, GBM offers comprehensive data security for data in rest, data in motion, data in use to prevent unauthorized access, and data leaks. 

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Infrastructure Security

GBM offers Infrastructure Security for Network, Servers and End Point.

Infrastructure Security - Today Network Security is an essential component of IT strategy and has become an integral part of every network deployment. Technology trends like Server and desktop virtualization, consumerization of IT, mobile computing, location and device independent access, internet based application access and social networking bring together new challenges to the organizations such as compliance with regulatory requirements, data loss prevention, infrastructure protection from targeted attacks, viruses, worms, botnets and other effective measures that they must manage and balance. IT is becoming more strategic and will continue in this way as market and business environments continue to evolve rapidly. Organizations have realized the significance of business driven technology enhancements as it can result in high productivity along with assured availability if deployed with appropriate Security considerations. 

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